Event Rooms


San Jose Event Rooms

Set up can also be arranged in u–shape, classroom, crescent rounds or theatre styles. The capacity of each room will depend on the events individual set-up. Please keep in mind that bars, buffets, dance floors and audio/visual equipment will affect the occupancy.

Rooms Sq. Ft. Reception Conference Rounds
Orchard  293 20 12 n/a
Board Room 266 20 12 n/a
Vintage  834 60 30 50
Capital North 1,013 100 35 80
Capital South  1,238 125 40 90
Entire Capital Ballroom  2,251 250 n/a 195

The Heritage Wall & Heritage Rooms

The Heritage Wall is a wonderful display of the San Jose cityscape stretching over 30 feet in length. Blended into this panoramic view of the area are historical insets from the Club’s history and from the region’s amazing growth. Across from the Heritage Wall are our two touchdown rooms, Heritage 1 and 2, which are one- to three-person, first-come, first-serve rooms for small meetings up 60 minutes at a time. Bringing them into the heritage theme, we have added historical photos from the region that date back into the 1800s.


Vertex is the new happening place in San Jose, “Above it All,” with daily and evening happenings in the lounge or on the new Terrace. Recycled barn wood from local wineries and farms accent Vertex and its cabanas, while the colorful quartz communal table and the glass (i.e. silica) bar top are from traditional local sources symbolizing the Silicon Valley rise in the high tech industry.

The Media Room

No history needed here. With its 103” flat screen plasma TV with surround-sound speakers, comfortable seating, Sharks’ hockey decor and video gaming. Add in movie nights, live entertainment, karaoke, guitars and sporting events, this is the newest and hottest place to be!

The Founders’ Room

In 1990, a group of Silicon Valley visionaries came together to develop a new business club in the new Fairmont Financial Plaza office complex. Working with ClubCorp, they created The Silicon Valley Capital Club. With their vision and foresight, we have named our new fine dining room: The Founders’ Room. Exceptional and unique food preparation and presentations with magic moments of service highlight a wonderful new experience with a vineyard theme.

The Capital Ballroom

The Circle of Palms, below The Capital Ballroom, displays the historical marker for the first state capital. We honor our state’s history by naming our primary private event space as The Capital Ballroom.

The Board of Governors Room  

The success of any business club lies with Member involvement. At the heart of Member involvement is the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors Room honors our two decades of BOG members.

The Orchard Room

Following statehood in the mid-1800s, Santa Clara Valley proved very fertile, first for grain crops, but later for orchards of prunes, apricots, peaches and pears. While the high-tech boom drove out much of this industry, we celebrate our agricultural heritage with this meeting room.

The Vintage Room

Formerly the QuickSilver Room, The Vintage Room celebrates the early wineries and vineyards of Santa Clara County. The Almaden Winery (first in California) and later the Paul Masson Winery (now the Mountain Winery) are key sponsors of this room.