Here are the house rules for Spring Valley Lake Country Club. Please follow them to make sure everyone enjoys their tennis game at the Club.


  • Children are allowed at the tennis courts only when accompanied by an adult or scheduled to play.
  • School-age children under 12, may remain in the seating area while their parents are at the tennis
  • Children under the age of 12 may not be left by unattended at any time. Proper etiquette and behavior is required of all children; insuring proper behavior is the responsibility of the parent at all times.
  • For the safety of our children and comfort of our adult Members, the Club may require the parent of a child with bad behavior to directly supervise that child at all times.
  • Infants and toddlers are discouraged from being at the courts.

General Club Tennis Etiquette

  • Players should not engage in loud talking on the court. For example, baseline-to-baseline conversation is not appreciated.
  • Conversations are acceptable in seating area. People in the seating areas should refrain from loud conversation in consideration of players on nearby courts.
  • Please turn cell phones off when on court and on adjacent decks. If you must use your cell phone, please step away from courts that are in use.
  • Food and uncovered drinks are not allowed on the courts.
  • Cigarette, pipe and cigar smoking is not allowed anywhere in the tennis facility, including the deck areas. Adults wishing to smoke may do so in the parking lot.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed at the tennis facility.
  • Only food and beverages purchased at the Club may be consumed on Club property. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the tennis director.
  • Please dispose of trash in trashcans when leaving your court after you finish playing.
  • Adults playing with children are requested not to take courts next to a competitive match. Please avoid taking ball baskets to practice on a court next to a match, unless all courts are taken. Out of courtesy to your fellow Members, when all courts are taken, please refrain from loud drill activity that distracts and disrupts neighboring match play.