Membership Categories

As a Member of Stonebriar Country Club, you enjoy Stonebriar ONE: comprehensive benefits at our Club, in the DFW community and across the world with ClubCorp's industry-leading network of more than 200 private clubs and resorts and more than 700 renowned hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Stonebriar Country Club has truly become the elite gathering place for the Frisco, North Dallas and Plano area. Attracted by the Club’s exceptional amenities and small Member base, new Members appreciate that the Club provides introductions and opportunities to become established within the membership in a short period of time. The adult Members span all ages, with the average age being 41 years old. 

Membership at Stonebriar Country club is by invitation only, at the request of an existing Member. This is the right and privilege that each Member has to sponsor personal friends, family members and business associates. It is a selection process that ensures compatibility of the membership. The Club’s membership roster is limited to assure optimum enjoyment of the Club by its Members. Candidates for membership who do not have a Member sponsor can be introduced to a member of the Board of Governors who may, in turn, designate sponsors. All memberships include privileges for the Member, spouse and dependent children. Find a category for you and enjoy Stonebriar ONE.

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