Jr Tennis Program

At Stonebridge Ranch CC we utilize fun and creative tennis learning progressions that not only produce a wonderful learning atmosphere for students, but increase the ability to learn to hit tennis balls back and forth over the net by a staggering 90 percent. 

We pride ourselves in the fact that our students absolutely fall IN LOVE with the Sport of Tennis. We believe that the way to raise up what we call “lovers of the sport” is to plant the love of the sport in their hearts through hit and hit progressions that engage every student at once.

Our Junior Development program utilizes varying degrees of grades just like at school and our main focus is the advancement of the kids. We utilize the different colors of tennis balls along with the different size courts to create an atmosphere that causes the students to want to advance. Along with the advancements we have created standardized testing to move from one level, or class, to the next. The levels and classes start at Sprouts (3 - 5 years old), followed by Red Ball 1 & 2, Orange Ball 1 & 2, Green Ball 1 & 2 and finishing at Academy. 

Sports Camp Application