General Club Policies, Rules & Regulations

Dress Code
All Members and their guests are permitted to wear attire including but not limited to: collared shirts, dress denim, slacks or Bermuda style shorts in the clubhouse. Denim is not permitted on the practice facility or golf course. Apparel must be neat and clean; torn or distressed styles are not appropriate. Bathing, tennis, running or other sports attire, t-shirts, gym shorts, tank tops, tube tops, mini-skirts, halter tops, mesh shorts, cutoffs, short-shorts and other similar dress styles are also considered to be inappropriate for the clubhouse and will not be permitted. Please note that any Member and/or guest not appropriately attired will be refused access from playing the golf course and/or using the Club's facilities until properly attired. Additionally, we request that all Members and their guests please remove ball caps when entering any and all dining areas.

Pace of Play
The established pace of play for TPC Craig Ranch is four hours. The Club’s marshals will work with all groups, Members and guests alike, to ensure that an acceptable pace of play is maintained to maximize everyone’s enjoyment of their round. All groups are required to maintain their position on the golf course relative to the group that tees off in front of them. If a group falls out of position and is in danger of not completing their round within the allotted time of four hours, then our marshals will assist them in getting back into position, which may require them to skip a shot or a hole to do so. 

Cell Phones
While cell phones are permitted both in the clubhouse and on the golf course, we do request that common courtesy be used, cell phones are on “vibrate” and that phone conversations do not interfere with the enjoyment of the Club by other Members.

Outside Food & Beverage
Members and guests are not allowed to bring any outside food or beverages on property for consumption. Consuming alcohol on property that has not been purchased at one our Food & Beverage outlets is a violation of the Club’s liquor license.

Metal Spike Alternative
The TPC Network has discontinued the use of metal spikes for daily play for all Members and guests. Golfers will be required to use metal spike alternatives when playing TPC Craig Ranch. For those who have metal spikes, soft spikes will be available in the locker room or golf shop for a nominal fee.

Golf Course Etiquette
To help keep TPC Craig Ranch in pristine condition, we ask that you abide by all golf cart rules and do not drive golf carts in the tall fescue grass. We also ask that golf carts stay on the cart paths for holes 6 and 14. Please repair all ball marks on the greens and replace your divots in the fairway and rough. By doing so, TPC Craig Ranch can be enjoyed all year round at the PGA TOUR benchmark of excellence.

Club Property
According to Section 3.12 (Club Property) of TPC Craig Ranch’s Bylaws: Property of the Club shall not be loaned or removed from the Club Facilities or be put to any other use than that for which it was intended. Members and/or Designees must pay for all breakage or damage to the Club's property caused by them, Immediate Family Members and/or their Guests.