Dress Code

A brief reminder for Members and Member Guests for dress attire around the Club.

Dining Room
Dress code for all dining areas is Country Club Casual and will be enforced at all times. Country Club Casual is defined as tasteful slacks or skirts with appropriate dress shirts, dresses, golfing attire and tasteful denim will be permitted. Appropriate t-shirts are allowed, but must be worn with tasteful denim, shorts or slacks. Medical scrubs are also permitted in the Clubhouse, but not on Golf Practice facilities or Golf Course.

The following is not permitted in any dining areas of the Clubhouse:

  • Sweats and workout attire
  • Midriffs
  • Bathing attire
  • Cutoffs
  • Men’s Tank Tops

Appropriate attired for all male golfers includes a shirt with a collar and full sleeves, golf slacks or shorts. Appropriate attire for all female golfers includes golf shirts (sleeveless shirts must have collars, collarless shirts must have sleeves), golf slacks, golf shorts or skirts. Metal spiked golf shoes and athletic cleats are prohibited. All Guests and Junior Golfers must adhere to the same dress rules.

Inappropriate attire includes but not limited to:

  • T-shirts
  • Halter tops
  • Cargo Shorts
  • Athletic warm-ups or shorts
  • Men’s Tank tops
  • Medical Scrubs (on Golf practice facilities or Golf Course)
  • Denim jeans or shorts
  • Bathing suits

**It is preferred that shirts are tucked in, hats are forward facing & removed in the Clubhouse.