James Hodges

James began golfing in college at age 18 and immediately developed a lifelong passion for the sport. An accomplished baseball pitcher, he was a member of numerous All-Star and title winning teams, and he found a striking similarity between the throwing motion and the golfing motion. A PGA Class A Member for over 20 years, James began his career at Davis Golf Course before moving to Europe and serving as Head Professional and Director of Instruction at Appenzell Golf Club in Switzerland, where he introduced many golfers to the game by giving thousands of lessons during his 4 year tenure. James has spent the last 14 years in Orange County California working at both Pelican Hill and Oak Creek Golf Clubs where he teamed with numerous award winning instructors including 3 Golf Magazine top 100 Teachers, and he is very enthusiastic to return to the Sacramento Area.

James believes that all motion is learned and that any person can enhance their inherent ability to throw by accentuating the best physical attributes of each individual, allowing an efficient full load and release of one’s energy in the golf motion. His easy going manner allows an ability to connect with the student and adapt to their learning style while presenting the golf swing in a clear and uncomplicated manner, never leaving a student confused.

Adhering to the adage, “Feel is not Real,” James utilizes the V1 Golf Video System to assist with accelerating the learning process, melding the visual with the kinesthetic for a more complete absorption of the learning process. James has worked with numerous Club Champions and Mini-Tour winners and is available for both group and private instruction.

Instruction Rates

  • 60 minutes: $80
  • 30 minutes: $50
  • Series of Three: $210
  • Series of Six: $400