Our People

Charles Damiano

Role: General Manager
Serving Since: 2020
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Madeline Roman

Role: Membership Director
Serving Since: 2000
Phone Number: 212.265.3490

Madeline Roman just celebrated her 17th year as a Membership Director with the Athletic & Swim Club.  Having practically grown up in the club, Madeline cherishes the many relationships she has built with members here. The Athletic & Swim Club has been a home away from home for her for many years.

"Our club members are my friends and extended family, and I find great satisfaction in helping others get and stay healthy. It’s a truly worthwhile place to be and makes it easy to come to work every day”.

Madeline is always happy to assist members with any questions they may have about the club. 


Ron Trumpet

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 1992

Ron has over 30 years experience as a personal trainer. He has competed in martial arts and bodybuilding competitions. Ron’s fitness philosophy follows a core belief in consistency, lifestyle change and hard work. His workouts focus on speed, flexibility, strength and balance. Ron varies his member’s training workouts weekly to keep motivation high and help them reach their best possible results.

Iris Suen

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 1987

Iris believes exercise should be interesting and enjoyable. She guides her members with a fitness style based on posture, balance, stretching and relaxation techniques learned in China. It’s not your standard “3 sets of 10” fitness. Iris emphasize the strengthening and lengthening of muscles, increasing their range of motion and minimizing joint and muscle pain. She has 18 years experience as a personal trainer.

Victor Fana

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2001

Victor’s focus is on functional fitness, emphasizing balance and core strength. He works with all age groups, from novice to athlete. His programs involve challenging body weight exercises, bands, straps and balance boards. Victor trains many members post-physical therapy, helping them recover from their injuries. Victor is certified with ACE and NSCA-CPT. He has 20+ years of PT experience.

Mike Walker

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 1988

Mike specializes in functional, sport specific and agility training. He creates special routines to suit his members and changes them monthly to keep workouts fresh and interesting. Mike is also certified in Pilates Reformer and SPIN. His background allows him to work with all age groups and levels of fitness. Mike believes anyone can improve their fitness level, no matter where they are starting from.

Avishag Fine

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2008

Avishag is a results driven trainer who believes exercise heals both mind and body. Her core expertise is in Pilates, core-strengthening, lengthening, balance and flexibility. She believes a strong, flexible core energizes the entire body and that feeling good is the best way to overcome your daily obstacles to get results, both in the gym and out in the real world. All this with a smile!

Bill Myles

Role: Swim Instructor
Serving Since: 2001

Bill has over 35 years’ experience as a Professional Swim and Aqua-size instructor. Bill’s clients range from learn to swim, to competitive Triathletes. His expertise is improving efficiencies in stroke and performance using video feedback (above and below the water) during one-on-one private sessions, he also teaches Water Workout. 

Bill has been a swimmer his entire life. He swam competitively in his youth and became an aquatics instructor 35 years ago. He earned his MA from Columbia University Teachers College in Physical Education in 1992. In 2004 he started teaching water exercise. Many students have enjoyed and benefited from his swim instruction, coaching, and aquafit training.