We Offer a Variety of Fitness Classes

Try one of our 65-plus innovative group exercise classes, featuring spin, Pilates reformer training, aqua classes and a variety of yoga styles.  Enjoy yourself, and if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t be shy.  We want to hear them.


Yoga & Flexibility

Flow Yoga 

This class is designed to teach basic yoga postures (asanas), increase flexibility strength, balance and relaxation. 

All levels 

Hatha Yoga 

Enjoy a traditional class that builds the foundation for yoga practice.  We combine postures (asanas) with steady breathing (pranayama) to promote strength, flexibility and relaxation. 

All levels 

Power Yoga 

In this vigorous class, we emphasize flowing from one posture to the next.  We also place more emphasis on alignment and physical condition. 

All levels 

Pilates Mat 

Developed by Joseph H. Pilates, this class is designed to strengthen the torso and abdominal (the core) by developing abdominal control and stability. 

All levels 

Pilates Allegro 

Using the Allegro Reformer, strengthen your core muscles, improve posture and alignment, and increase muscle strength, flexibility and balance.

All levels 


Bring back your flexibility by lengthening and elongating your tired tight muscles.  It's a great class for active people who can’t find the time to stretch. 

All levels 

Yoga Basics 

Immerse yourself in an end-of-the-week yoga class as we go through the details of yoga practice with lots of individual attention.


Martial Arts


Seido Karate is a traditional martial art with a complete program in physical conditioning, developing aerobic fitness and muscular strength.  The training is progressive. 

All levels 


Seido Meditation is a time-proven method for developing a calm, focused mind.

All levels


Cardiovascular Training

Athletic Conditioning 

This cardio conditioning class incorporates various plyometric, speed and agility drills to enhance strength, power and coordination needed in sports activities.

All levels 

Cardio Sculpt 

Get a blast of high/low cardio moves combined with resistance training. 

All levels 

Sculpt & Burn 

These high/low cardio moves combine step, strength training and core work. 

All levels 

Sports Drills 

Get moving with a cardio conditioning class that combines speed and agility drills with strength and power training. 

All levels 

Sweat & Pump 

Enjoy a high-energy athletic workout with cardio/boxing moves, strength, steps and weights. 

All levels  

Revolving Class 

Each month, we offer a different workouts ranging from cardio to strength to flexibility. 

All levels 



Pump ‘n’ Ball 

Get ready for a nonstop strength and core exercise class that sculpts your body, challenges your balance and improves your posture. 

All levels 

Ab Blast 

This 15-minute class is designed to strengthen and tone the core (abdominal/lower back muscles). 

All levels 

Ultimate Sculpt 

You'll use traditional and advanced body shaping techniques in this total body conditioning class. 

All levels 

Core Strength 

This strength training class is for the core muscles (abdominals, obliques, back) using the stability ball with weights.  We combine the techniques used in Pilates with muscle building and strengthening. 

All levels 

Muscle Definitions 

Shape your physique in this total body conditioning class that emphasizes heavier weights and slower repetitions. 

All levels 

Upper Body Blast  

This 30-minute class targets the muscles in the chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. 

All levels 


Group Cycling


Enjoy a 45-minute vigorous cardiovascular class that utilizes various indoor cycling techniques for an ideal aerobic workout. 

All levels 

Endurance Spin 

You'll use various indoor cycling techniques in this 60-minute cardiovascular class. 

All levels