Member Testimonials

Our Members tell us in their own words why they enjoy the Club!

"Being Commerce Club members for decades, we have enjoyed the many amenities provided. One that often goes untold are the various views of Greenville. Regardless of which room we are in, there is always a beautiful unique view, and when combined a panoramic setting, it is displayed unlike any other in our city."

Nick and Emilie Theodore

"The Commerce Club has been a great place to develop relationships, build my business, and enhance my quality of life."
Bryon Culbertson, Member since 2005

"I use The Commerce Club primarily for breakfast. Everyone at the club knows my name – and the best part is I never have to wait to be seated! No reservations required, which is a savior for my busy lifestyle."

Kimberly Elmore, Member since 2000

"As a Young Executive member under 30, I’ve developed relationships and connections with the experienced members who have been invaluable to my personal development. The Commerce Club has also introduced me to new friends my age that would have otherwise been difficult to form after college."

Matt Foster, Member since 2009

"The Commerce Club is truly the place where everyone knows your name. We’ve made so many new friends since we became members. The staff remembers all of our preferences and really works hard to make each experience at the club a special one. Our favorite event is the monthly Brewmaster beer tastings. Always a great time!"

Lynn and Greg Pilewski, Members since 2009

"Watching the most spectacular sunsets in Greenville, or storms rolling in from over the mountains with their brilliant light shows, or downtown Greenville’s resident hawks soaring – wings spread close to the Beattie Bar – while enjoying food, beverage, conversation and laughter with old friends and meeting new friends is what The Commerce Club means to me. The ultimate Greenville setting for all business and social gatherings is matched with a phenomenal professional staff whose personal attention epitomizes the meaning of the club."

Tim Robinson, Member since 1986

"As newcomers to Greenville, we find that The Commerce Club has opened the whole city experience to us. The friends we have made in a short time through the club have helped make our move to Greenville everything we hoped. And I got a job through Thursday Night Networking!"

Steve and Nancy Shochet, Members since 2010