Dress Code

Dress Guidelines for the Club

The intent of the dress code is to maintain an environment that is comfortable to all Members and conducive to a private business club.  It is the responsibility of each Member to ensure that invited guests are made aware of the dress code.  The Board of Advisors recommends that if there are questions as to what is allowable under the definitions below, Members and guests always select clothing that is appropriate in the Club environment and is always in good taste. 

A.  General 

  • While Traditional Business Attire is always appropriate, Business Casual is also welcome in all areas of the Club.
  • Casual Attire is allowed in the 29 Stories Lounge area.
  • Jackets are preferred for Men in the formal dining area but are not required.
  • Athletic Attire is only allowed in the Fitness Center on the 28th floor and is prohibited on the 29th floor dining areas. 

B.  Definitions 

 1. Traditional Business Attire

  • Men:  Business Suit or Sport Coat and Slacks with Collared Shirt and Tie
  • Women:  Dress, Blazer with Skirt or Tailored Slacks, Business Suit 

 2. Business Casual Attire

  • Men:  Collared Shirt (including Polo Shirts and Turtlenecks) and Slacks (no Jeans)
  • Women:  Slacks or Skirts with Blouse or Sweater (no Jeans) 

 3. Casual Attire

  • Men and Women:  Slacks, Blue Jeans, Collared Shirts, Turtlenecks and Sweaters 

C.  Prohibited Attire:  The following are NOT considered Casual Attire and are specifically prohibited in all areas on the 29th floor: 

  • T-shirts and Sweatshirts
  • Shorts
  • Sweat Suits and other Athletic Attire
  • Overalls and Cutoffs
  • Flip-flops (and sandals for men)
  • Any tattered garments 

D.  Enforcement 

The Club staff is required to enforce the dress code. Any Member or guest not in compliance with the dress code may be asked to leave the Club quarters.