We pride ourselves first-rate golf instruction at Anthem Golf & Country Club. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your game in a relaxed environment designed to maximize your learning experience. We look forward to helping you enjoy and appreciate this great game of a lifetime.

Get Golf Ready

Anthem is a certified Get Golf Ready facility. Get Golf Ready is a program sponsored by PGA of America and the World Golf Foundation designed to introduce non-golfers to the great game of golf and to reintroduce and welcome back those who once played the game. The program at Anthem is six hours over four sessions covering all aspects of the game. Contact Chris Endres, PGA, for information. chris.endres@clubcorp.com

Junior Golf

We are extremely proud of our junior golf program here at Anthem and hope to someday help guide your junior on their journey of discovery about the great game of golf. Contact Kyle Lindert for information. Kyle.Lindert@clubcorp.com.