Tennis court etiquette 

The cooperation of all Members is needed to maintain a courteous and pleasant tennis atmosphere for the enjoyment of all who play tennis at the Club. Members who witness others displaying improper ethics or etiquette are asked to immediately inform a tennis staff person. The tennis director is in full charge of the tennis facilities with the authority to interpret and enforce the rules and regulations. 

The tennis director shall have the right to refuse tennis privileges to anyone who violates established rules and decorum. The tennis director may allocate courts for activities, tournaments and Club functions as deemed appropriate. In the absence of the tennis director, authority may be delegated to an assistant. 

Dress code 

Proper tennis attire is required on the courts at all times. Street clothes, running and/or beach attire is not permitted. Only nonmarking tennis shoes or cross training shoes are permitted on the courts. 

For men, collared shirts are preferred; tank tops and sleeveless shirts are prohibited. T-shirts are permitted only with tennis-related logos. Bermuda shorts for men and women are prohibited. All shorts must be above the knee. Women may wear sleeveless tops and tank tops designed for tennis. Warm-up suits, jackets and sweaters are permitted. 

It is each Member’s responsibility to inform their guests about the Club’s dress code. Players dressed inappropriately will be politely asked to comply. Players may not play unless dressed appropriately. Dress regulations apply to children. 


Children are permitted at the courts only when accompanied by an adult or scheduled to play. Young children and infants are discouraged from being at the courts, although it is understandably necessary in some cases, such as picking up another family member at the courts. Children are not permitted to be on the courts while parents or others play. This could be dangerous and is prohibited.