Bernardo Heights Men's Golf Association

Bernardo Heights Men’s Golf Association (MGA) is an independent organization that coordinates tournaments for its members and provides membership in the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) for the purpose of maintaining handicaps for the members.  Membership in the MGA is mandatory for the establishment of a handicap and for eligibility to play in tournaments at the club as well as at other courses.


Your leagues provide some of the most exciting golf tournaments around. You’ll play challenging rounds, meet fellow Members and, with any luck, win some great prizes.

  • Club Championship
  • Senior Club Championship
  • President’s Cup
  • Member/Member Tournament
  • 27-Hole Championship
  • Monthly MGA Competitions
  • Turkey Shoot
  • Member/Guest Events (including a 3-day Heights Classic)
  • Inter-Club Teams (Silver and Golden Seniors; SCGA Team)

Men's Informal Groups

Bernardo Heights Country Club has more than a dozen informal men’s golfing groups for players of all abilities that meet weekly and are open to all who are interested. These groups are organized by our Members and are a wonderful way to meet new Members and play competitive golf. A list of these groups is maintained by the pro shop.

Women's Golf Association at Bernardo Heights

Mission Statement

Bernardo Heights Women’s Golf Association welcomes, encourages, supports and inspires women of all golf abilities and ages.  We provide competitive and non-competitive golf opportunities, foster friendships and promote the game of golf.


Annual dues for membership in the WGA is $40.00, payable before January 1 of each year.  With membership a player is eligible to apply for a USGA handicap and participate in all golfing events at the club, including 18-hole play, Half Rounder (9-hole) play and club tournaments.  The USGA handicap fee is billed separately in June.


The WGA is organized under member-approved Bylaws and guided by Rules and Regulations adopted by its Executive Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors consists of eight members, elected annually in November.  While the Half Rounders are all members of the WGA and the HR chair is a member of the Board of Directors, they also have their own Board of Directors to oversee their various programs, which are open to all WGA members.

WGA Golf Program

The WGA has reserved tee times open to all members, whether playing 9 or 18 holes, on both Tuesday and Thursday mornings beginning at 8:00.  The Half Rounders play every Tuesday with an organized game twice a month, and 18-hole competitions are held every Thursday for those who wish to participate.  Both groups schedule a monthly luncheon and meeting following a morning of golf. 

WGA Social Program

The WGA and especially the Half Rounders plan numerous social events throughout the year.

Team Play

  • South Coast League
  • Silver Fox League
  • ALOOO League
  • 9-Hole Home & Homes

Annual Tournaments

  • WGA Club Championship/Senior Club Championship/Super-Senior Club Championship
  • President’s Cup/Half Rounder Cup/Criers’ Tournament
  • Individual Eclectic
  • Member/Member
  • Red & Blue
  • Beat the Pro
  • Ace of the Month/Ace of the Year
  • Guest Days
  • 2-Day Member/Guest
  • HR Tee Cup

Most tournaments include both 9- and 18-hole flights. 

Carol Blum, WGA Membership Chair.
Sandy Hymes, WGA Handicap Co-Chair.
Jane Sahagian, WGA Handicap Co-Chair.

Couples' Golf at Bernardo Heights

Bernardo Heights Country Club has a variety of fun and competitive events for couples. These events are a great way to meet fellow club Members and play in mixed competition.

Highlights include:

  • Sunday Sweeps
  • Monthly Tournament of Champions Qualifiers
  • December Tournament of Champions
  • Couples’ Member/Guest Days
  • Summer Twilight Golf
  • Spring Fling Couples’ Tournament
  • Special Holiday Tournaments