Responsibilities and Candidate Requirements

Board of Governor Candidate Requirements:

  • Active member of the Club for a minimum of three years.
  • Active service on one or more Club Committees.
  • Member in good standing at the Club.
  • Possess knowledge of the Club and an understanding of its history.
  • Demonstrated support for the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the Club.
  • Attend and contribute at the board meetings.
  • Actively uses the club and promotes club events.
  • Supports Center Club cares mission and events (i.e.: Hops & Vine Charity Classic)

Board of Governors Responsibilities:

  • To enhance the image and reputation of the Club through individual involvement of the members of the Board.
  • To actively assure the Club is the source and resource for high-profile business, civic, cultural, educational, and sporting events, and endeavors.
  • To assist the Club's Professional Management and Ownership by communicating with their appointed General Manager ("General Manager") in the recruitment and retention of the most influential and respected people in the community as Members, including assuring that the Club's invitations to membership are taken seriously and that the membership roster reaches a full complement of Members.
  • To Foster the promotion of local and global business and social relationships.
  • To actively promote the Club's "Great and Noble Cause" to help fellow Members improve the community and nation through business and community efforts. Additionally, help illuminate what the Members are doing to raise the quality of life in local communities and nationally.
  • To create Club traditions that generate member pride and recognition.
  • To serve as Chairpersons for the Club's Committees.
  • To serve in an advisory capacity to the Club's General Manager on various matters, including those affecting the general membership, long-term well-being of the Club and other matters that may come before the Board. The Board does not act directly in a decision-making or policy-making capacity. However, the Board's input to the Club's General Manager will be considered in reaching final decisions and conclusions.

Applications are reviewed by the nomination committee and qualified candidates are presented to the board for voting at the November Board meeting. Candidates will be notified by the Chairperson.