All players are urged to cooperate and assist in maintaining the quality of the golf courses. Course status for rotation of play will be established daily and communicated by the Golf Shop. Members and Guests are expected to play the rotation established by the Golf Shop unless approved by the Head Golf Professional or General Manager. Properly repair your ball mark and any other ball marks on the green.  Fill divots with sand/soil mix provided on the carts. Properly rake bunkers and make it a goal to leave the bunker in equal or better condition than before you entered it. Use care when replacing flagsticks in the hole. No practice on the course by hitting multiple shots from the same area onto the greens. Follow all golf cart directional signs as well as any other instructional signs on the golf course.


Pace of play is 4 hours and 14 minutes or less for foursomes. Groups shall maintain position with the group in front at all times. If a group falls out of position it will make best efforts to catch up to the proceeding group. If a group is deemed to be out of position, rangers shall have the authority and discretion to warn the subject group or require the group to split up and/or require the group to pick up his/her golf balls and move into position. Rangers are appointed representatives of the Club and all Members shall act as directed while honoring Code of Conduct Policies.


Golf carts are available to Members and their Guest(s). Members are responsible for any damages incurred to golf carts by them or their Guest(s).Course status for carts will be posted in the Golf Shop. It is the responsibility of each player to observe the cart path only signs when posted. Carts must be kept on cart paths around the tees and greens at all times. When carts are permitted on fairways, they must follow the entrance and exit post rules. Golf carts are to enter the fairways at the entrance post near the cart path and stay in the fairway and out of the rough until exiting by the exit post near the cart path.  Entrance and exit posts are moved from time to time to control traffic patterns. Drivers of golf carts must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Golfers must ride two players per cart unless there is an odd number of players in a group, whereby it is permitted to have one player riding in the cart. Carts may be used to transport players to the driving range and/or practice areas. Carts may never be taken off the golf course property. Avoid climbing or traversing steep hills, making abrupt starts, stops or turns as these practices can cause damage to self/property. Failure to adhere to all Golf Cart Policies may result in loss of cart privileges and/or disciplinary action by the Club.