Fitness Services at Mission Hills

We offer comprehensive fitness and wellness programs at our Sports Club.

Golf/Tennis Training Track

The Fitness Foursome Series is appropriate for all ages and skill levels. A fun, valuable, and affordable eight-session program covers a quick physical screen, warm-up, corrective exercises, posture drills, movement drills, balance drills, golf-specific exercises and a brief nutrition discussion for the game.

Injury screening, physical therapy and referral services

Our professionals offer orthopedic assessments, treatment planning and treatment. We do therapeutic manual physical therapy procedures for sub-acute and chronic injuries.

Wellness, nutritional and lifestyle screening and counseling

À la carte or package programs:

  • Health history questionnaire and interview
  • Diet recall
  • Antioxidant scanning
  • Diet recommendations
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Hormonal recommendations
  • GI track health and cleansing
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Weight loss
  • Energy loss

Cardiovascular training

  • Circuit exercises
  • Short duration higher intensity
  • Treadmill 4-way walking
  • XISER instructional classes
  • Four triple blasts per session 

Golf/tennis physical ability assessment

A very comprehensive PGA Tour (USTA-type) assessment and training program is what the best players in the world use to improve their game. This Tour-proven program uses 3D computer technology and the latest sports science to measure and design appropriate exercises and drills to improve the physical and technical aspects of your game.

We also hold free lectures on health and exercise subjects throughout the season.