Junior Golf

River Run's junior golf program has been one of the success stories at the club for the past fifteen plus years. The stable of young players that have come out of our junior program is truly astonishing. This commitment to player development and enjoyment is vital to our club's growth and future.

The junior program consists of play days, instructional programs of all levels, interclub competitions and club tournaments. We realize that not all golfers like to compete and many play with parents or friends just for the pleasure of hanging out. River Run hosts junior play days weekly designed to introduce juniors to one another so they can play and practice the game together. 

The heart and soul of our junior development program is our award-winning "Junior Medalist" program. It is the foundation of our instructional offerings here at the club. This skills-based, goal-setting approach is designed to assess and evaluate the junior players as they work on and improve their golf skills throughout the golf season. The students will be evaluated in six specific areas: (1) chipping,(2) pitching, (3) putting, (4) iron play, (5) driving, (6) rules/etiquette.

There are five levels of ranking and each rank is designated with a colored bag tag which are given to the golfers to place on their bags.

The key to this program is establishing a rank and then working hard to move up levels while improving their game.

Throughout the year, the juniors are able to take tests whereby if they pass they move up levels as their skills improve.

The age of the golfer and the skill level determine the playing/practice privileges that the juniors receive. Depending on their abilities, they may need to be accompanied by an adult or graduate to be able to play with other skilled juniors without adult supervision and coaching. 

Please call the golf shop for a more comprehensive description of the junior golf program along with a copy of our junior golf book.

  • Junior Medalist program to enhance player development and retention
  • "SNAG GOLF" schools for the young player
  • Saturday weekly "Never Evers" for the youngest of skilled juniors
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced three-day golf schools
  • Five structured golf schools throughout the summer season
  • Junior Interclub Team competing against 5 other Lake Norman clubs
  • Junior Club fitting days along with "Trade In-Trade Up" value-added opportunities
  • Club Parent-Junior tournaments 
  • A highly qualified staff that has placed more than a dozen players in major college programs throughout the country
  • State of art technology used during instructional settings
  • Golf sports psychology instructor on staff for further training and player development
  • College golf placement opportunities via staff that is highly connected to major institutions