Santa Rosa Summer Fun for Your Child

Kids' Camp in Santa Rosa is a rare opportunity for your children from 6-10 years old to gain an introductory knowledge of golf and tennis from seasoned professionals. Kids' Camp is a program that combines golf, tennis and swimming with thought-conscious projects, all while participating in a safe and friendly atmosphere you can trust. It's also a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn new sports skills in a supportive and safe environment with instruction geared to their skill levels.

Sports Instruction
Our class sizes are small, benefiting the individual child, so your child is able to benefit from receiving one-on-one instruction from a professional. Each instructor can offer valuable tips while interacting with your child in the various sports and activities. Through Kids' Camp, we can help your child meet their individual goals because we place importance on your child’s skill level. We tailor our approach based on each child's current skill levels and what works best to enhance their performance and fun.