Our committees are comprised of Members who foster the growth and direction of the club, and have been nominated or imibed to serve on the committee.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors of the Club shall advise and counsel with Club management on any and all items relevant to "tailoring" the Club to meet Members needs and interests and relating to the conduct of Club affairs. Each Member of the Board is nominated to the position and servers a three year term.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee ensures the continued growth of the Club's Membership Roster. The objective is to enhance the membership base by identifying and sponsoring those individuals whose business or personal needs would best be served by a Commerce Club membership.

Ambassador Council

The Ambassador Council facilitate Member to Member connections, provides a venue that welcomes our newest members, and help drive Club participation along with Member retention.

Young Executive Committee

The YEX mission is to help connect young executives in the Club, as well as the membership at large, in planning a variety of opportunities to build business and lasting connections in the Club and in the Community.