House Rules

  • Please repair any ball mark you make and others you may find on the greens.
  • Divots are to be handled differently depending upon where they are taken from.
  • Tees:  Don't replace divots.  Fill the void with the sand/seed mix provided in the divot mix box or sand bottle.
  • Fairways:  If a divot is intact as whole piece of turf, put it back in its original position to match the way it was taken from the turf.  Fill the missing areas with the sand/seed mix until slightly mounded.
  • Rough:  Replace divots with any material that came out of the turf.  Do not use the sand/seed mix in the rough.
  • Please rake the bunkers upon exiting.  A sand bunker left un-raked is a true hazard to the rest of the field.  Please keep in mind that all of the people behind you may have to play from the same spot.  Enter and exit bunkers in low areas only.  Walking on high slopes in bunkers can damage the bunker liner or destroy the grass edge.
  • Golf Cart rules are posted daily on both the 1st and 10th tees.  At all times, golf carts must remain on the cart path around all tees and greens as well as on holes 5 and 11.  Cart management signs are posted in the fairways identifying where carts must exit the fairways.  On days when the 90-Degree rule is in effect, cart management signs may be posted identifying certain holes as “Cart Path Only.”  Golf cart rules and cart management signs are there to protect both the Member and the golf course.