Medina Tennis

The tennis program at Medina Golf & Country Club continues to thrive, featuring four Har-Tru clay courts, and dynamic adult, youth and clinic programs. Our Tennis Pro Staff has developed a solid foundation for future success. Whether you are picking up a racquet for the first time, or regaining your past swing, it is easy to find a game with someone in your skill-set. 

Har Tru clay is a slower, softer surface than a typical hard court, requiring more strategy, finesse and control to win points due to a slower ball. It is much more difficult to win points by overpowering an opponent. The softer surface is much easier on joints, and on hot days, the clay court will play cooler than a hard court since it is not retaining the heat from the sun.

2021 Tennis Handbook

2021 Tennis Schedule

2021 Tennis Drill Schedule


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