Meet the Trainers

Jared Vinoverski

Role: Athletic Director, Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2015
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Certifications/Education: NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach, OTA Certified Online Trainer, TRX Certified, B.A. Communications (Broadcasting) Pittsburg State University

Specialty/Experience: Being a former college athlete, I have always had a passion and commitment to working out and staying in shape. I help people of all ages and backgrounds, ranging from college athletes to busy moms and dads looking to build muscle or lose fat. My main goal is to help my clients reach their goals, in the smartest and most efficient way possible. I enjoy helping people follow a realistic program both in and out of the gym to help them create a sustainable lifestyle of their choice.

Favorite exercise: The first one of my workout when I have the most energy.

Favorite food indulgence: A thick crust pizza or a fat burrito smothered in queso. Also Chuy’s creamy jalapeño dip!

Hobbies: Watching my sports teams from Titletown (Boston) win, being by the pool or the beach, cooking and eating.

What/who inspires you?: Thomas Edward Brady Jr.! Watching what he has done and the way he handles himself over the last two decades is something that is incredible to me. It has and it continues to have a positive effect on the way I try to live my life on a daily basis.

Interesting fact about you: I played college football for five years and won the 2011 National Championship. After graduating I took a job in live production for the sports network which initially brought me to Houston. I enjoy the nerdy stuff behind the camera, and I still freelance and cover the Rockets, Astros, and Dynamo!

Amanda Walraven

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2020
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Certification/Education: NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Specialty/Experience: I have been personal training for 8 years.  I do not specialize, but I do take a unique approach based on your needs. Together we will use exercise to repair problems, improve quality of life, and increase the benefits of health and wellness.

Favorite Exercise: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or Biking

Favorite Food Indulgence: Tex-Mex y’all!

Hobbies: Biking, Painting, and anything involving exploring the outdoors.

What/Who Inspires Me: I am inspired by honesty. True honesty is accountability, and with that accountability comes progress!

Interesting Facts About Me: I can speak Spanish, and I love learning to speak in different languages. 

Art Sherry

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2014
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Certifications/Education: American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist, USATF Level I Track Coach, TRX Certified, BS Wellness Management with a minor in Coaching, MS Health and Human Performance 

Specialty/Experience: I’ve been a personal trainer since 2011 and completed over 10,000 training sessions. I specialize in strength training, weight loss, muscular hypertrophy, athletic conditioning, traditional lifting, functional movements, speed, agility, muscular power, balance and flexibility.

Favorite exercise: Running & rowing

Favorite food indulgence: Brown rice, eggs, and spring mix

Hobbies: Anything involving movement

What/who inspires you?: When the unimaginable becomes reality. I am most inspired by those who are great at many different aspects in life.

Interesting fact about you: I’m a two-time Boston Marathon qualifier.

Briana Evans

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2018
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Certification/Education: NFPT Certified Personal Trainer, BLS Certified, Certified Unified Sports Coach, Bachelors of Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology from Sam Houston State University

Specialty/Experience: My specialty is corrective exercise and weight loss. I came into the fitness industry wanting to help people have more energy, feel confident, strengthen their muscles, and increase longevity. I have experience coaching boot camp style classes, strength training, small group training, and circuit training. I choose to use a variety of modalities to connect with each individual client’s body effectively, so they are able to feel and see a difference in their bodies with consistency of an exercise program.

Favorite Exercise: All exercises that make the glutes burn!! Mainly Hip Thrusts!

Favorite Food Indulgence: Chicken alfredo pasta or tostadas, yum!

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, traveling and learning about other cultures, napping with my Yorkshire terrier, Rosco, reading a good book or relaxing in bed watching Netflix

What/Who Inspires you: I am inspired by the gratitude and feedback I receive from my clients after each session with me, and as they see results throughout their fitness journey. It is very fulfilling to know that the time and energy I put into helping people is appreciated. I believe my purpose is to help people understand and connect fitness, health, and wellness to have a better connection with their bodies.

Interesting Fact about You: I currently attend graduate school online at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, studying Psychology with an emphasis in Health Psychology. My long-term goal is to become a Clinical Health Psychologist to bridge the gap between psychology and health, fitness, and wellness. I plan to open my own practice and make connections with other psychologists, doctors, dieticians, and schools to decrease the amount of childhood obesity, and increase the amount of daily physical activities for children, while preventing the psychological factors that can contribute.

David Clark

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 1989
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Certifications/Education:  ACSM, ACE, AFFA Certified Personal Trainer, B. A. University of Nebraska

Specialty/Experience: My specialty is low back care and strength training.

Favorite food indulgence: My favorite food is Mexican.

Hobbies:  I love to play golf and play with my dogs.

What/who inspires you:  I teach a men’s weight training class at an assisted living center with an average age of 90. Watching these guys trying to keep it going makes me happy.

Interesting fact about you:  I have been a trainer here at The MET for 30 years and I never thought that would be the case.

Erick Betancourt

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2019
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Certifications/Education: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, TRX certified, University of Houston, Lone star College

Specialty/Experience: My specialty is functional strength training and hypertrophy training. I believe I can teach and coach movements and exercises in the gym that will transfer into real life activities. I like to design my workouts with some high intensity interval training (HIIT) and compound exercises. I have been successful at lowering body fat and replacing it with lean muscle mass in my clients and myself. I am passionate about fitness and working out. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than unlocking someone’s potential at the gym!

Favorite exercise: Bench Press

Favorite food indulgence: Full rack of BBQ ribs with some sweet potato fries

Hobbies: I like playing guitar, live sports, I love to gamble, float the river with friends and go Bowling!

What/who inspires you?: My father inspires me to become a better person, I hope to one day be as successful as he is. I look up to him because he never gives up and he has overcome many obstacles.

Interesting fact about you: I almost lost one of my eyes playing baseball when I was young.

Evan Masterson

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2018
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Certifications/Education: ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, B.S. in Kinesiology Texas A&M University

Specialty/Experience: My specialty is in corrective exercise and stretching. I have trained clients of multiple age groups that have ranged from unfit to fit. I enjoy helping clients reduce joint and muscle pain, improve their posture, and improve muscle weakness caused by injury. My goal for my client’s is that they have a safe work out and have fun. I want to do my best to educate all my clients on the best exercises to do for their body and age.

Favorite Exercise: LEG PRESS!

Favorite Food Indulgence: Asian Cuisine, but mostly SUSHI

Hobbies: I love reading, watching movies, and playing video games

What/Who inspires you? I am most inspired by my grandmother. She grew up in the country and has always believed in diligence and perseverance. She is 81 and does her best to do things for herself and fight through the pain and discomfort she experiences. I have watched her live her life for about 18 years now and I appreciate how loving, kind, and sincere she has been to my brothers and I. She helps me to be accountable to myself about the type of person I strive to be every day.

Interesting Fact about you: I am published in the Library of Congress due to an Anti-Violence essay I wrote when I was in 7th grade.

Isaiah Coleman

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2004
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Certifications/Education: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, USA Track and Field Level 2 Certified Coach (Sprints, Hurdles, Relays, and Jumps), B.A. Sports Medicine, Rice University

Specialty/Experience: Through the years, I have worked with men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of training experience.  I grew up playing multiple sports and had the opportunity and privilege to play college football and train with the track team at Rice University.  It was in college that I learned the proper way to train and fuel my body.  My goal is to make sure that I provide my clients with the same level of care and attention to detail that my professors and coaches provided me.

Favorite exercise: Power Cleans

Favorite food indulgence: Gumbo

Hobbies: Exploring or trying new things at least once be it travel, food, etc.

What/who inspires you?: I am inspired by those who continue to set goals, achieve those goals, and repeat.  Those that continue to adapt/evolve and make their lives better and make the lives of those around them better inspire me to continue to be better than I was the previous day.

Interesting fact about you: When I am not personal training, I teach Anatomy and Physiology and Biology at Episcopal High School along with being the Summer School Principal and the Head Coach for Track and Field.

Jetta McIntyre

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2015
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Certification/Education: American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, National Strength and Conditioning Association Master Trainer, B.A. Kinesiology/Exercise Science

Specialty/Experience: I specialize in weight management, injury prevention and rehabilitation. It can be difficult returning to physical activity post injury and surgery. I enjoy helping clients regain their mobility and confidence so that they can exercise safely and without fear of re-injury. I also specialize in sport specific training. No matter the clients' sport of choice, I can assist them in performing it more efficiently and effectively by improving their range of motion, strength, and endurance.

Favorite exercise: Bodyweight exercises (pushups, pullups, dips, squats, etc.)

Favorite food indulgence: Spaghetti and ice cream (eaten separately or together!)

Hobbies: Reading, playing basketball, and SLEEPING

What/who inspires you?: People who truly love and enjoy what they do inspire me. Scholars also inspire me. I enjoy learning from people who are passionate and are experts in their fields especially in the areas of finance and history.

Interesting fact about you: I played professional basketball in Europe. I can also wiggle my ears.

Jude Rosemond

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2018
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Certifications/Education: ACTION Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Certified Coach, Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Athlete & Health Coach, Lonestar College, University of Houston

Specialty/Experience: Motivating, physique sculpting, weight loss, and athlete training

Favorite exercise: My favorite exercise is any pull up variation.

Favorite food indulgence: My favorite food indulgence is Caribbean food.

Hobbies: The great outdoors & the arts (photography, music, painting, dancing.)

What/who inspires you?  Inspiration for me is very abstract and can be drawn from anything and everyone.

Interesting fact about you:  My artwork has been shown at the Czech Republic Houston Museum. Also, I am a 3-time, nationally qualified Natural Men’s Physique Bodybuilder.

Lizzie Ellis

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2018
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Certifications/Education: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit L1, Precision Nutrition L1, B.A. Mass Communication Louisiana State University

Specialty/Experience: My specialty is functional strength training. I believe everyone should be able to squat, deadlift and press safely and efficiently in order to maintain strength, mobility and independence throughout life. I use a variety of modifications and variations in order to ensure proper technique and have helped clients young and old move better and get stronger. I also have experience coaching the Olympic lifts and love helping people feel more comfortable using a barbell.

Favorite exercise: Deadlifts!

Favorite food indulgence: Pasta or Tex-Mex

Hobbies: Exploring new places to eat with my husband, riding my bike around town, going to concerts, traveling, hanging with my Great Dane Hercules

What/who inspires you?: I am most inspired when people I care about do great things or overcome challenges. When my husband solves a problem at work or my best friend nails a big, new client it inspires me to keep working toward my goals no matter what obstacles come my way.

Interesting fact about you: I was a television reporter for 6 years before starting a career in fitness. As a sports reporter I got to cover the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl win and lots of big LSU games. I was also a morning show reporter and got to do many interesting stories including going gator hunting in the bayou!

Rhabby Domingo

Role: Personal Trainer, Martial Arts Trainer & Zumba Instructor
Serving Since: 2009
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Certifications/Education: ACSM-CPT, Precision Nutrition L1, World Taekwondo Federation-Instructor and Black Belt, TRX Core and RIP Trainer, NESTA-Sports Yoga, ZUMBA Dance Fitness and Zumba Toning

B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Mgt. with minors in Accounting and Nutrition University of Sto. Tomas

Specialty/Experience: My specialty is being able to train all ages regardless of their fitness levels or lack of it. I also have experience in training, meal prep and coaching body building bikini competitors and competitive martial artists. I’m also well versed in flexibility and balance training as well as trigger point therapy and myofascial release.

Favorite Exercise: Kickboxing

Favorite food indulgence: Japanese and Korean Food

Hobbies: Traveling and exploring new places with my family then sampling the native cuisines of the places we visit.

What/who inspires you: What inspires me are people who look at failure as a learning tool rather than a setback. Strength of character as well as people who treat every person equally regardless of race or social status are on the top of my list.   

Interesting fact about you: I was a former singer, drummer and bass player of a band as well as a model for Levi’s jeans and other products back in Manila. I also sang in a show choir and church choir and also did some acting.

Ryan Baker

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2019
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Certifications/Education: NASM CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, B.S. Kinesiology from the University of Houston

Specialty/Experience: I don’t really specialize, or if I do, I specialize in fixing problems and improving quality of life. I think anyone can get stronger or more mobile, whether not you are a pro athlete or trying to improve your day to day life through exercise. If you want to get a higher number on your lifts or if you want to have more energy to play with the kids, it’s all about the planning.

Favorite exercise: Tough one, I love hitting the punching bag or if we are talking lifting- deadlifts!

Favorite food indulgence:  Kolaches, Oreos, Elote

Hobbies:  I enjoy most types of martial arts. It’s become both a hobby and major part of my career as a coach. I’ve made it a point to learn about the cultures behind each of the arts too, which led me to a love of food and cooking.

What/who inspires you?: My inspirations are the people in my field that I’ve always aspired to match their success (feel free to look up Dr. Andy Galpin, Loren Landow, and Max Schmarzo).  I believe we also need to look to ourselves and the things we’ve accomplished for inspiration.

Interesting fact about you: I love making travel part of my work. In the last year I’ve managed to train people in a dozen cities, in five countries. Growing up travel was never part of my life, so making it such a part of my career as a trainer is a major personal achievement for me.

Shannon Carroll

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2019
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Certifications/Education: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, B.A. Business Administration/Marketing University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Specialty/Experience: My specialty is weight-loss management and muscular endurance/strength. A lot of people work hard to lose weight in preparation for the summer or a special occasion and often it gets harder to manage those results once these events have passed. My methods are composed of endurance training and behavioral modification methods that allow you to sustain those results in a more manageable fashion.

Favorite exercise: Lateral Raises!

Favorite food indulgence: Pizza

Hobbies: I really enjoy cooking, traveling, flag football, playing basketball, and watching action-themed movies

What/who inspires you?: The thing that inspires me the most is the fact that I can always do something to make self-improvements each and every day. I’m inspired mostly by my Mom because she was able to raise me and my brother as a single parent working as a teacher by day, and a janitor by night.

Interesting fact about you: During my time in college, I competed in digital marketing competitions. My team developed a campaign for Facebook to combat terrorist recruitment and was selected out of 100 schools to represent the U.S. in Washington DC. We were invited to the FBI Headquarters to present our campaign to one of the executive assistant directors and staff members, while also getting a chance to meet the President!

Stacy DeLarios

Role: Pilates Instructor
Serving Since: 2013
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Certifications/Education: Advanced Pilates Instruction & Core Intelligence training out of Long Beach Dance Conditioning in Southern CA (2010), Comprehensive Pilates training from Balanced Body University (2009), TRX and Trigger Point training through Club Pilates (2018)

Bachelors of Science Degree in Communications from University of Arizona (2001)

Specialty/Experience: Rehabilitation using the Pilates Method through Long Beach Dance Conditioning, Pilates for Golfers with TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) swing screening and Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery through Balanced Body University.

Favorite exercise: Foam rolling

Favorite food indulgence: Pizza and wine

Hobbies: Trying new exercise classes, continuing my anatomy and trigger point education, playing with my toddlers.

What/who inspires you?: My clients inspire me. I feel blessed to be in a profession where I get to watch individuals improve their health and well-being.  I am constantly amazed at the power and drive my clients have to change their bodies.  I am grateful to be able to assist them in their fitness journeys.

Interesting fact about you: If you know anything about baseball, an interesting fact about me is that I am the great, great, granddaughter of Cornelius McGillicuddy aka “Connie Mack.”

Stephanie Pharries

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2017
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Certifications/Education: ACE certified Personal Trainer, AHCP-Massage Therapist (Valedictorian 2010)

Specialty/Experience: Favorite exercise: My expertise is strength training, weight loss, and functional fitness, along with specializing in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. My objective is integrating ones mental and physical wellbeing with fitness and massage therapy to reach a persons’ desired results; helping others achieve health and fitness goals by promoting activities that stimulate the mind and body, and coping methods that transform unhealthy habits into fitness fuel, I’m here to guide you through your journey.

Favorite food indulgence: Avocados, egg rolls, fettuccini alfredo, crawfish, cherries… the list goes on forever. I LOVE FOOD!!

Hobbies: Discovering new eateries, participating in sports, photoshoots, and board games.

What/who inspires you?: My parents inspire me to always try my best. They are from a third world country and came to the United States with nothing, not even able to speak the language, just so my siblings and I could have a better life. They worked hard all their lives and established their own business. To this day my father still works, at 71 years old, in upholstery for commercial buildings, residential homes, cars, and boats. I love their ambition and it drives me to do better!

Interesting fact about you: I am a host for Lone Star Minor League Football News. It’s a non-profit organization showcasing the latest coverage of news and scores from all the Minor League Football leagues in Texas and surrounding States., including: CRAFL, XFL, TUFL, TUFA, RGFL and EFL and new leagues.

Taylor Ranjel

Role: Personal Trainer
Serving Since: 2019
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Certification/Education: NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

Specialty/Experience: My specialty is hypertrophy training. I like showing and making people more comfortable using free weights and machines to transform their body. I also have a background in nutrition and supplementation.

Favorite Exercise: Bicep Curls

Favorite Food Indulgence: Vietnamese food & Sour Patch Kids

Hobbies: I love traveling and going on cruises whenever possible. I also have two dogs that I enjoy taking to the beach and the park.

What/Who Inspires Me: My wife and friends are my biggest inspiration. When they are out there grinding and doing big things, it motivates me to get out there and make them proud as well. My dogs also motivate me, the days that I’m feeling lazy or down they are always there to comfort me and keep me moving along.

Interesting Facts About Me: I played soccer for 15 years and wrestled for 6 years. I got married on a Royal Caribbean cruise and it was a blast.