Swim Academy at Braemar

At Braemar Country Club, all of our aquatics programs are offered March through November.


Los Angeles Swim Academy will now be offering weekly private swim lessons Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Registration is required. Click HERE to view the current rate schedule. For more details, contact Karin Jackson at 818.900.3319 or by emailing Karin@losangelesswim.com

Private Lessons 

Have your children learn five times faster with one-on-one instruction. For beginner swimmers, emphasis is on safety skills, floating, beginning strokes, breathing and fun in the water! Intermediate/advanced swimmers will work on proper stroke style and endurance. Lessons are offered in 20- and 30-minute increments to children 2 years and up. 

Semi-Private Lessons

Ideal for children who have acquired the basic water safety skills through private lessons and are beginning to learn their strokes. Semi-private lessons allow for children to share a 30-minute class with 1-2 other children of the same age/skill level. Offered to children 3 years and up. 

Group Lessons

Perfect for children who learn better in a group setting. Offering different skill level classes giving participants the essentials of establishing good swimming technique with an introduction to the four strokes. Offered to children 4 years and up.

Baby Safety Classes

This class is a great introduction to all the joys swimming has to offer. Classes teach the beginning skills and underwater techniques for your little ones in a fun-loving setting so children can learn from an early age to enjoy and be safe around water. Ideal for children between the ages of six months to 3 years old. 

Junior Swim Team

Children with prior swimming instruction and basic knowledge of the four strokes can participate in our junior swim team. Swim team (groups of 5-10 kids ages 4 yrs.+). The junior swim team is divided into three class levels where participants will establish full swimming and diving techniques and swim team preparation. Offered to children 5 years and up.

Competitive Swim Team

Offers fundamentals needed to participate in a competitive sport. Swim teams focus is on building endurance, fine-tuning strokes, and developing strong minds and bodies. Offered to children 6 years and up with coaches' approval. 

Aqua Flex and Stretch

Swimming is the best form of exercise and what better way to perfect your strokes and get in shape. Ideal for novice and advanced swimmers who want to enhance their physical endurance and overall health. These classes improve strength, cardio, and balance. It’s time to pull out your suits and discover the diversity of an all-in-one integrated water fitness workout. This class is a combination of strength training, cardio, stretching, yoga & Pilates with group sessions every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Private fitness & therapy classes are available upon request. Sign-up Required. Member fees are $20/per class and non-member fees are $30/per class. All equipment provided. For more information visit www.Aquaflexnstretch.com or contact Deborah Goldberger at 818.383.4400 || Aquaflexnstretch@gmail.com


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