Golf at Nicklaus Golf Club at Lionsgate

Jack’s Golf Lounge at Nicklaus Golf Club

Introducing the new golf and social hub with great food, craft drinks and simulated golf games. Play a wide range of virtual games as you enjoy great food, cocktails and brews! Discover hours of year-round fun in Jack’s Golf Lounge, where you can host parties, events and more.

Golf skills not required – designed to be fun for everyone!


Family Program

Throughout the summer, Nicklaus Golf Club hosts Couples Golf once a month, leading up to our Couples Club Championship, and Couples Glow Ball in the fall.

Women’s Program

Nicklaus Golf Club has an established Ladies’ Golf Association that plays every Wednesday and Thursday. The 9-hole division plays at 5:30pm on Wednesday evenings, and the 18-hole division plays Thursday mornings between 8:30am and 9:20am. There are formal and informal guest days, WGAKC play days, a Four Ball tournament, and a Ladies Member-Guest and Member-Member tournament each season.

During the summer we host a Ladybugs golf clinic, designed for beginning lady golfers. This series is conducted on Wednesday nights from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, following one basic of golf each lesson. This is a great way to ease your way into golf in a low-pressure environment with other beginners!

Designed in 2021 by our assistant golf professionals is Ladies Crush It, a monthly series for lady golfers that want to home in on their short game and other specific areas of their game. This one-on-one class style is ideal for intermediate/advanced ladies who want to lower their handicap!

Men’s Program

The calendar of men’s events play throughout the season. Men’s League 9-hole division plays each Thursday evening at 5:30pm. This weekly ritual is designed to help golfers unwind midweek and to meet new people in a relaxed golf environment. In addition, we host men’s guest days, a Four Ball tournament, Bigley intermural matches, and a Men’s Member-Guest and Member-Member tournament.

Juniors’ Program

Nicklaus Golf Club has a very active junior program. We host PGA Junior League in two 3-month sessions in the spring/summer, and summer/fall. Every Sunday evening at 5:30pm, juniors learn the basics of golf mechanics, etiquette, and good sportsmanship in a variety of formats such as match play and individual stroke play.

Junior Crush It was also introduced in the last year. It is a monthly subscription style clinic that is every Friday evening from 6pm to 7pm.

Winter Programming

With our two Full Swing simulators you don’t have to lose your swing over winter break! We have a fun schedule of winter programming, including ladies and men’s leagues, 3-day tournaments, Beat the Pro competitions, and are open for regular tee times!


Your leagues provide some of the most exciting golf tournaments around. Here, you’ll play challenging rounds, meet fellow Members and, with any luck, win some great prizes.

    In addition to carts, we offer a variety of golf services. Check with the Pro Phop to find out more.

    Golf Instruction

    We offer a full range of instruction packages for all players and all ability levels.

    Bag Storage

    Members enjoy the luxury of professional bag room service, which is included with the annual golf fee. Bag service includes the following:

    • Storage of clubs in a heated and secured area year-round
    • Club cleaning after every round
    • Handling of your golf bag when you play
    • Identification labels on your golf bag and clubs
    • Regripping and minor club repair is available upon request


    Our staff is experienced in club fitting and repairs. We can handle special orders quickly.

    Locker Rental

    Secure your valuables in men’s and ladies’ lockers.


    Discover Crush It! for Juniors

    At the heart of our Club, golf is the storied pastime that brings families, friends and colleagues together in a way few other sports can. With our Crush It! program for junior golfers, it’s fun and simple for kids and teens to learn new skills while gaining a deeper understanding of the sportsmanship and camaraderie that golfers of all ages share.

    Learn to Crush It!

    Our engaging Crush It! program introduces junior golfers to essential skills they’ll use for a lifetime — both on and off the course. We’ll go beyond golfing basics like stance and swing to help young golfers develop key character traits like confidence, respect and self-discipline. From age-appropriate instruction for our youngest golfers to competitive development for teens, Crush It! is shaping the next generation of golfers.