Community Impact

“We Serve” is one of the core values of our company and an important part of ClubLife for our Members. With the support and involvement of our wonderful, caring Members, we work to make a difference in our local community.

Bonton Farms

At Tower Club Dallas, we believe in Community Impact. Our partnership between Bonton Farms and the leadership and vision of Tower Club Dallas Board Members and GM began in early 2020. Tower Club Board of Governors member Daryll Wallace introduced the Club to Bonton Farms in February to get Members involved in the community. By May of 2020, Daron Babcock, CEO of Bonton Farms, became a Board Member at Tower Club. 

We continue to proudly partner with Bonton Farms to support their initiatives by offering their produce on our menus, as we do in our delicious BLT. We also introduce new Members to our partnership with Bonton Farms at signup and during the ClubLife 101 orientation process. We are also implementing tours and internship programs for the Bonton Farms Community. Osaro, a blind gentleman who works at Bonton Farms, creates custom welcome gift boxes for our new Members. 

Charity Classic

Every year, we open the doors of our private club to help those in need. We partner with Bonton Farms to raise money through an auction, dinner and entertainment. We also host a monthly concert series called “Soul Shine Sessions,” inviting local bands to perform and partnering with Beck Group, Frost Bank and local brewers to provide the ultimate experience. To date, the concerts have raised $21,000.  

 Funds from the Charity Classic and monthly concert series help provide for additional tiny homes to be built on Bonton Farms property, providing affordable housing within the community. The story was featured on the local news. 


The Employee Partners Care Foundation helps all club and home office ClubCorp Employee Partners in the midst of crisis such as home loss, death and illness, as well as domestic situations.